Our Services

Strategy Development

Strategy is bigger than strategic planning. It occurs at every level of the organization and throughout the year. It incorporates regular scanning of the changing environment, engaging in tough-minded discussions about the implications of these changes on your future, and building agreement among the key players to move forward.   

CHP Mintz works with board and organizational leaders to identify and explore the key strategic issues facing your organization and to help you chart a path forward. From facilitating two-hour "mega-topic discussions” to designing more intensive planning processes, we serve as partners and guides to your organization. CHP Mintz can help you create the time and place to think about the big issues that really matter to your future.    

Thought Partnership

It can be lonely at the top. A leader's words carry great weight, and the authority that comes with leadership often means that the chief executive doesn't have many people with whom he or she can simply "think out loud."   

CHP Mintz consultants know how to be a confidential sounding board for our clients, serving as a thought partner to help them refine their thinking and clarify their ideas. Leaders come to us with early ideas, and we help refine them into visions that compel and inspire. We can affirm your instincts and challenge your assumptions. We bring fresh perspectives that trigger leaders to find new ways forward. We serve as "boundary spanners," connecting ideas from across organizations, other fields, and even from within your own organization, to offer alternative ways forward.    

Decision Facilitation


Not every meeting needs to be facilitated, but when critical decisions needs to be made, or when the stakes are high, it is often helpful to have someone focused on the meeting processes, so that you can focus on the content. 

CHP Mintz consultants are highly attuned to the political dynamics and needs of the individuals in the room, and we use this understanding to achieve clear outcomes and agreement on next steps.